Letter to the Saint Javelin Community

As we reflect on the journey of Saint Javelin, from its humble beginnings with just a single sticker on February 16, 2022, to evolving into a dynamic brand and a beacon of advocacy for Ukraine, we're overwhelmed with gratitude. Little did we know that our vision would unite a diverse global community, spanning from Kyiv to Toronto, Tokyo to Los Angeles, Melbourne to Montreal and beyond. We’ve heard and read hundreds of stories about how Saint Javelin boosted morale, sparked conversations, created new friendships, and led to beautifully touching moments of solidarity and joy amidst the hardest times. As we mark our 2-year anniversary, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation and celebrate the incredible achievements of our community.

This is just a small list of things you all did as a community and we are fully aware that your impact has been way more far-reaching. If you want to share your story connected to Saint Javelin in any way, please leave it in the comments section below.

You’ve donated thousands of dollars to the organizations and causes we urged you to support!

Just recently, you collectively helped us raise $519,024 for Santa Bird’s fundraiser. Whether you contributed $1 or $1000, your donations have provided essential support to organizations like the United With Ukraine initiative, empowering Ukrainian defenders with vital resources. Please don’t stop.

You helped us turn the Crimea Beach Party from a meme to a real advocacy campaign!

We loved seeing our poster on the streets, in front of the russian embassies, in bars, restaurants and your homes. Thank you for reminding the world that Crimea is Ukraine.

You wore Saint Javelin while volunteering and taking action for Ukraine!

We've received dozens of your pictures loading and sorting humanitarian aid, assisting refugees, collecting donations, and undertaking various other initiatives for Ukraine while donning our t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, caps, and other merchandise. Thank you for inspiring us with your actions.

You took Saint Javelin to Everest and the Arctic!

It completely blew our minds to see a guy wearing our "Ukraine or Death" beanie while exploring the Arctic Sea in Svalbard, searching for polar bears. Similarly, it was incredible to witness Tim Howell, an active member of our community, sporting our Embroidered Saint Javelin Bamboo T-Shirt on his journey to Everest.

You’ve tattooed Saint Javelin at least a few dozen times!

We wish we had saved every single picture of people etching the symbol of Saint Javelin onto their bodies for life, but unfortunately, we couldn't manage the volume of messages in 2022. Thank you for cherishing this symbol as much as we do.

You wore Saint Javelin to confront the bloody Russian diplomats in the highest international institutions!

Latvia’s Ambassador to the UN, IAEA, OSCE, Katrina Katkina, has meticulously selected her attire while advocating for justice for Ukraine and confronting Russian war criminals. We're truly grateful to her for choosing our t-shirts and accessories to amplify her stance even further.

You found solace in our content during the toughest times!

We've received thousands of messages expressing how the memes, videos, and other content we produce and share daily on our social media platforms have provided hope and uplifted spirits. However, one story resonated with us deeply. Our community member Jayk shared how watching the "Watermelon Sugar Kherson" video on our YouTube channel, dedicated to the liberation of Kherson, lifted his spirits while he was recovering from a serious illness. We are honoured to hear about the real and positive difference Saint Javelin was able to make in people's lives.

You celebrated significant life moments wearing Saint Javelin!

We've received pictures of couples getting married, engaged, or commemorating their wedding anniversaries while adorned in our clothing. Moreover, for the past two years, many families across the world have gathered, donning Saint Javelin attire during holidays. Thank you immensely for including us in your cherished memories.

You've generously gifted our stuff to soldiers!

As a company now producing clothing in Ukraine, we've consistently donated our fleeces, socks, t-shirts, and other items to Ukrainian defenders. We've also been deeply moved by those of you who frequently conduct frontline deliveries, purchasing our items to gift them to those who bravely defend Ukraine every day. Seeing the actual HIMARS operators wearing our HIMARS Time Madness shorts or Ukrainian pilots in our t-shirts was a huge inspiration and motivation to our team. 

You've allowed Saint Javelin to stand guard with you on the frontlines!

We have numerous active soldiers in our community who consistently send us photographs of our flags, patches, and other items within trenches and at frontline positions. For them, Saint Javelin has become a genuine patron of courage and solidarity.

You've extended us invitations to local and international events!

Over the past two years, our founder Christian Borys and other Saint Javelin team members have addressed various audiences, ranging from middle schoolers in Toronto to students and academics at Harvard, as well as international communication specialists working at NATO. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to share our story worldwide.

You connected with each other!

Almost every day, we receive stories from you about how a Saint Javelin t-shirt or hat sparked unexpected conversations on the street, at the grocery store, in your office, and beyond. Some of these interactions have blossomed into genuine friendships, and we couldn't be prouder to be a part of this remarkable journey.

You responded to hate with hope!

We understand that being a part of the Saint Javelin community also entails encountering individuals filled with hate, those who oppose democratic values, or, even worse, openly support the Russian war against Ukraine. However, time and again, you've demonstrated how to respond to such individuals with dignity and resilience.

You've taken Saint Javelin with you to rallies for Ukraine! From Berlin to Amsterdam, London to Sydney, Los Angeles to Chicago, Vancouver, and beyond, our flags, pins, t-shirts, and other accessories have been spotted at every major protest or demonstration for Ukraine. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to advocating for Ukraine. We eagerly anticipate seeing your pictures from the upcoming February 24 rallies. Find a rally you can join here.

As we look back on the whirlwind of the past two years, we're humbled by the immense impact our community has had on the world. Together, we've weathered challenges and celebrated triumphs, united by a shared vision of hope and solidarity. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to Saint Javelin. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we're excited to continue making a difference and spreading the message of resilience and unity. Here's to many more years of growth, empowerment, and positive change. Together, we are Saint Javelin.

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