Put Your Name in the Book – Become a Top Supporter
Put Your Name in the Book – Become a Top Supporter

Put Your Name in the Book – Become a Top Supporter

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Making a book from scratch in a war zone is not an easy task. Right now, we’re trying to raise cover the key production expenses. You can become our top sponsors by purchasing this digital product and placing your name into the acknowledgement section of the book.

By getting this product, you also automatically pre-order an exclusive signed copy of the SAINTS photobook that’s currently being developed by Saint Javelin in collaboration with Sasha Maslov and Kyiv-based publishing house Osnovy.

The book will be delivered shortly once it’s published in Ukraine in the summer 2023. In case of any force majeure, all funds will be refunded.

About SAINTS, The Photobook

War doesn't knock on your door asking if it can come in. It's not warning you about what it will do to your life, your family, your community, your village, your town, your country. It won't tell you what your future will look like. If it doesn’t kill you physically, it destroys you from the inside. It takes everything away from you. But gives one thing in return: a chance for you to fight back.

Ukrainians took that chance. Starting February 24th, 2022, millions of people in Ukraine have been resisting Russia's invasion. Some streamed towards new front lines that stretch hundreds of kilometres on sea, land, and air. Others have chosen to dedicate their skills, time, and resources to help their country fight back. And while millions of people pray every day to different gods, it is actually the Ukrainian people who save their country every day. They protect each other and perform real miracles on battlefields, in hospital wards, shelters and in their own homes.

This is a book about the personal and national sacrifice of the Ukrainians during the brutal and barbaric Russian invasion. This is a book about modern-day sainthood.

This item should be ready to ship in 6-8 weeks.

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