Saint Javelin’s March Contributions

In March 2023, Saint Javelin made another round of contributions to support Ukraine's fight for sovereignty and territorial integrity. As a company committed to making a difference, we have worked with the Unite with Ukraine initiative to donate essential equipment to the Ukrainian Defenders.

We have donated funds for the purchase of 30 high-end DJI Matrice 300 RTK drones equipped with Zenmuse H20T thermal cameras, a 500 Kw Diesel Generator, and a significant amount of non-lethal medical equipment such as Combat Paramedic Trauma Packs, Improved First Aid Kits, Helios Hypothermia Prevention Systems, and Occlusive Chest Seal Dressings.

This blog post will provide an overview of these donations and their impact.



Saint Javelin began March 2023 with a bang!

Back in summer 2022, thanks to the overwhelming support of our community of allies from more than 70 countries Saint Javelin has donated: $375,090 to procure 30 DJI Matrice 300 RTK drones equipped with Zenmuse H20T thermal cameras, and donate them to the UNITED24 and Ministry of Digital Transformation Army of Drones campaign.

With the help of our partners at Ukrainian World Congress, these bad boys have been dispatched: The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation announced that 30 sets of high-end DJI Matrice 300 RTK were transferred to the front line. The drones are now soaring over Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson to scope out occupiers' hideouts. With their precision and thermal imaging capabilities, these drones can even locate the enemy's artillery positions under the shroud of darkness.


Saint Javelin also made a contribution to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by donating $35,000 to purchase a 500 kW diesel generator for one of their training centers. Our partners at the Ukrainian World Congress facilitated the delivery of the generator to the facility. This generator is a crucial addition that ensures a reliable power supply to the center, allowing Ukrainian Defenders to continue their training without any interruptions.

Truck for Hospitallers

In March, were able to donate $22,000 towards purchasing tourniquets for Hospitallers, a Ukrainian organization of paramedics dedicated to saving lives on the frontlines. Moreover, we went beyond by purchasing a pickup truck that was handed over to the organization. This truck will aid in transporting medical supplies and personnel to areas where they are needed the most. We are honored to play a small part in supporting Hospitallers and their life-saving work.

Medical equipment and Protective gear

In the same month, a significant amount of non-lethal equipment was also delivered. The aid package included 50 Combat Paramedic Trauma Packs, 350 Improved First Aid Kits (IFAKs), 100 Helios Hypothermia Prevention Systems, and 200 Occlusive Chest Seal Dressings. These supplies are critical to ensuring that Ukrainian Defenders are better equipped to respond to medical emergencies and injuries sustained during military operations. We hope that these essential supplies will make a significant difference in the safety and wellbeing of those bravely serving on the front lines.  

Saint Javelin continues to make significant contributions to support the Ukrainian Defenders, working in collaboration with Unite with Ukraine initiative. We use the net profits from our online sales to help provide essential equipment to those fighting on the front lines.

We stand firmly in our commitment to support Ukraine's fight for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Our work is far from over, and we will continue to rally behind the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom!

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