The Mug Issue

In 2022, we sold a lot of mugs, which was good and bad.

It was good because we were able to donate a lot of money from the sale of mugs.

But it was bad because we realized that all of the mugs were made in China, and the Chinese government was backing the russians.

That made us think a lot about what we were doing, and where the money we were spending on production was going. While it was great that we could donate money from the sale of our products, it felt equally important that the money we spent on production was either spent in Ukraine or with Ukraine’s partners.

Frankly, it was an easy decision. We decided to stop selling mugs.

We decided that wherever we could, for all of our products, from the raw material, to the trims, to the packaging, to the shipping company that delivers our cargos, we only wanted to work with suppliers in Ukraine or operating in countries that were supportive of Ukraine. The goal was to bring the maximum impact of our work into the right hands.

Of course, the journey to get to that point hasn’t been easy. It’s actually been really, really hard to find all the suppliers at the level of quality we want to deliver to you. In the specific case of the mugs, we haven’t sold mugs in over a year because we hadn’t been able to find the right partners, until now!

We’re super happy to bring you these ceramic mugs, hand made in Ukraine by local craftsmen.

These mugs are 100% Ukrainian.  

The raw material is Ukrainian, the design is Ukrainian, the craftsmanship is Ukrainian, the packaging is Ukrainian and even the shipping company delivering them to us is Ukrainian.

We are making these kinds of changes all across the spectrum of products we’ve offered since we started on February 16th, 2022. Saint Javelin has evolved so much since then, and we continue to evolve everyday into something much better, much more sustainable, much longer lasting, and more effective overall.

Karpaty collection is finally out, you can shop it here!

We hope you’ll come along for the ride as we continue to build something special.

Thank you for all your support.

Slava Ukraini.


  • oksana dresler

    OUTSTANDING! I am a potter and make mugs myself-but I am definitely going to buy one of these and spread this email! Thank you

  • My le

    I’m so happy to hear that now the Mug 100% made in Ukrainian.

  • Sue

    I am so happy to see the progression to more Ukrainian products. I much prefer the individual look of the new mugs. Once they’re in your shop I will order one so I can feel happier as I drink my morning tea ☕

  • Steven Dakota

    Congratulations on your new 💯 percent Ukrainian mugs. IMO, they would make a very nice gift for any special occasion. Buy the entire set of mugs! 🇺🇸 Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦.

  • James Prowse

    I bought a mug in the last round and it was a cheap made in China mug. I’m proud to support Ukraine and I’m excited to be drinking my coffee from what appear to be beautiful artful creations.

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