Our Impact

As the world witnesses intensifying attacks across Ukraine, the city of Kharkiv stands strong.

Despite the relentless assaults on civilian infrastructure and the constant threat of missile strikes, local businesses continue to operate, providing essential services and jobs. Supporting these businesses has never been more crucial as it economically supports the largest frontline city.
Ever since we embarked on our journey of crafting clothing in Ukraine, one dream was to create a truly unique vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt infused with a contemporary flair. Finally, we able to present you our special vyshyvanka “Syla” which symbolizes the strength of Ukraine.
If you've been closely following Ukrainian political leaders, cultural figures, or everyday heroes, you may have noticed them adorned in the captivating attire of embroidered shirts known as vyshyvankas. Vyshyvanka, deriving from the Ukrainian word for traditional embroidered shirts or dresses, stands as a centerpiece of Ukraine's national attire.
Thanks to your purchases and the support you’ve shown us during the release of our special anniversary drop on February 16, we were able to donate $14,500 to Ukraine. These funds will help to fight the russian invaders and save the lives of the Ukrainian defenders.
In this post, we reflect on the journey of Saint Javelin, from its humble beginnings with just a single sticker on February 16, 2022, to evolving into a dynamic brand and a beacon of advocacy for Ukraine.
Now that it’s October and the summer looks like it’s actually over, it’s time for the sun to set on our Crimea Beach Party campaign for this year. Let’s recap what we achieved this summer with the Crimea Beach Party.
In March 2023, Saint Javelin made another round of contributions to support Ukraine's fight for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Here is a complete breakdown of what happened.