Now that you’ve picked your Crimea Beach Party outfits from our collection, let us walk you through how your purchases will help to support Ukrainian defenders as they liberate Ukraine’s territories. Apart from slowly moving our manufacturing into Ukraine to maximize the economic benefit for the country, Saint Javelin is committed to donating a part of the net profits from this collection to a cause that we believe in. We will be working closely with our partners to ensure that our funds contribute to addressing some of the most pressing needs of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (TDF). On our socials, newsletter and website, our team will report on the funds we donated and how they are being utilised on the ground.

Where will Saint Javelin donate?

Since its very beginning, Saint Javelin has been proud to support the United with Ukraine initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress. The primary objective of the Crimea Beach Party is to serve as a reminder to the world that the liberation of all Ukrainian territories, including Crimea, is essential for stopping Russian aggression and ensuring global peace. When choosing the cause to donate the funds from our collection, we strived to find a way to contribute directly to Ukraine’s efforts to return its land. The decision was taken to further support the Territorial Defense Forces, consisted mainly of ordinary Ukrainian citizens who answered the call to defend their homeland and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“The immeasurable contribution of Saint Javelin of over 1.3 million US dollars has made a tangible difference to Ukrainian defenders as they continue to fight for everything that is just and right in this world. We look forward to our continued cooperation towards realizing further successful projects that will strengthen the battlefield efforts and capabilities of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

- Andrew Potichnyj, Director – Unite with Ukraine Initiative by Ukrainian World Congress

Why Unite with Ukraine by Ukrainian World Congress?

Established in 1967, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is an international non-governmental organization and the global voice for the Ukrainian people worldwide. The UWC has supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2015, albeit on a much smaller scale mainly in the sphere of tactical medicine, and has been supporting or implementing various cultural and humanitarian projects in Ukraine since before independence.

When Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine broke out, the organization established the Unite with Ukraine initiative – a global fundraising campaign focused on providing vital protective and medical equipment to Ukraine’s defenders on the front lines. So far, the organization has delivered over $40 million in material aid to the Territorial Defense Forces, the Armed Forces and other Ukrainian security structures, funded by public and private donations from over 70 countries.

Decades of NGO experience, expertise and operational efficiency on the ground in Ukraine is why Saint Javelin chose the Ukrainian World Congress and their Unite with Ukraine initiative as a long-term partner in helping Ukraine.

How does the Unite With Ukraine work with the Territorial Defends Forces?

Since the organization has permanent staff on the ground in Ukraine as well as logistical coordinators in Poland, it is in a unique position to be able to take on large-scale projects that require difficult logistics planning. For example, procuring and delivering 40 armored and tracked personnel carriers, 15 JCB excavators, and large kilowattage generators, among many other projects. They work centrally through the command structure of the Territorial Defense Forces, where the commander and his staff in collaboration with the director of the UWC’s initiative decide which brigades receive what equipment. The organization’s primary goal is the effective use of donor funds. Instead of spreading out very thinly and giving one soldier an individual piece of equipment, they increase the effective capabilities of entire battalions based on the strategy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What are the current pressing needs of the Territorial Defends Forces?

As the face of the war changes, so do the needs of the Territorial Defense Forces. To understand the current needs, Unite with Ukraine has established a working group with members of the Command of the TDF. They stay in constant communication and work on various projects and deliveries simultaneously. It is a true partnership. The organization’s focus has now shifted from items such as helmets, body armor, boots and generators, to larger-scale procurement like excavators, armored and tracked personnel carriers, heavy hauling trucks, and medical evacuation vehicles.

Currently, Unite with Ukraine is working in 4 directions with the TDF:

  1. Armored Personnel Carriers (Import from UK and EU)
  2. Restoration and Rehabilitation of GAZ 66 (ГАЗ 66) heavy hauling trucks
  3. Restoration and Rehabilitation of MT-LB armored personnel carriers (already located in Ukraine and awaiting utilization)
  4. Tactical Medical Supplies (Work conducted with heads of medical services of each brigade, as well as on a granular level directly with medics and paramedics to maximize efficiency).

How will Saint Javelin report on the donations and impact made?

Depending on the success of the Crimea Beach Party collection, which will determine how much Saint Javelin can donate, our donated funds will go towards one of the aforementioned support directions for the TDF.

Once donations are made to the UWC’s Unite with Ukraine initiative, we will report to our community through social media, newsletter, and website. Procurement of necessary items and delivery to the Territorial Defence Forces could take several months. To ensure accountability and transparency, together with the Unite with Ukraine team, Saint Javelin will publish reports of the delivered items on all of its channels.

Ukrainians are risking their lives and paying the highest price to return their homeland back, and every person who values democracy should support them. You will be able to see how a part of your purchase gets converted into real means of protecting the lives of the Ukrainian defenders and helping them minimize casualties during their fight for freedom.

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