Buy One, Give One: Our New Initiative Aimed at Providing Socks to the Ukrainian Soldiers

When we began producing our clothing and accessories in Ukraine, we made a commitment to give back to those who make any kind of operations in Ukraine possible. Apart from making recurring monetary donations, every time we made a product in Ukraine, we allocated a part of the run to soldiers and volunteers. In 2022, we took this commitment further by designing our first fleece quarter zip exclusively for Ukrainian defenders, who tested it under the most demanding conditions and provided invaluable feedback, leading to significant improvements of the product. Prior to this, we started manufacturing socks in Lviv, where a portion of each production run was donated to the military.

However, our team aspired to do more and transform this effort into a sustainable, long-term initiative. Inspired by brands like Bombas, renowned for their commitment to donating a pair of socks for each pair sold, Saint Javelin decided to implement the same approach. In this article, we will explain why this initiative is important, how our community helped us to improve it and who has benefited from it so far.

Socks seem like such a trivial item, yet in the challenging conditions that Ukrainian soldiers face on the frontlines, even the most basic necessities become vital for their well-being and effectiveness. Imagine enduring long hours of standing guard in freezing temperatures, trudging through muddy terrain, or navigating flooded trenches. In such harsh environments, foot hygiene and comfort are paramount. One of the significant risks soldiers encounter is trench foot, a debilitating condition caused by prolonged exposure to wet and unsanitary conditions. Trench foot occurs when feet are constantly wet, leading to a breakdown of the skin and tissues, potentially resulting in infection and severe pain. It's not only uncomfortable but can also incapacitate soldiers, rendering them unable to perform their duties effectively.

Initially, when we introduced our "Buy One, Give One" initiative for socks, our intention was to donate the same type of Defender working sock available on our website. However, thanks to the valuable input from our community member, Jason, we recognized the need for a more suitable option tailored to the specific needs of soldiers enduring harsh conditions.

Jason reached out to us with insightful feedback, highlighting that while cotton socks are suitable for everyday wear in typical conditions, they may not offer adequate protection for soldiers constantly exposed to cold and damp environments. He recommended the use of wool for its superior insulation and moisture-wicking properties, which help keep feet dry and minimize the risk of fungal infections and blisters.

Taking Jason's advice to heart, we swiftly embarked on the production of a new line of merino wool socks in Lviv. Within a week of the collection launch, we sold out 500 pairs of the Defender socks, so we immediately made and distributed 500 pairs of brand-new merino wool socks to Ukrainian servicemen and women and decided to extend this initiative to all types of socks sold on the Saint Javelin website. From now on, for each pair of socks you buy, we will donate one.

Some of the first recipients of the Saint Javelin Merino wool socks were the courageous paramedics of the Donetsk region police force. While they may not fall directly under the command of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these individuals work closely alongside the military, undertaking vital tasks in frontline towns incessantly targeted by Russian shelling. Presently, there are 10 groups of police paramedics actively operating throughout the Donetsk region, with a presence in each territorial unit.

In their role as paramedics in Donetsk, they have embarked on over 2,000 combat deployments, heroically rescuing 735 individuals. Their duties extend beyond administering first aid; often, they're tasked with documenting instances of shelling. These brave individuals are responsible for evacuating civilians from frontline areas and operating in various hotspots, including Avdiivka, Mariupol, Lyman, Velykonovosilky, and Bakhmut.

We are deeply honored to offer assistance to these remarkable individuals who dedicate their lives to saving others daily. Buy our socks and support the Ukrainian defender here (or below).

Buy One - Give One!

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