Saint Javelin Donates $14,500

Thanks to your purchases and the support you’ve shown us during the release of our special anniversary drop on February 16, we were able to donate $14,500 to Ukraine. These funds will help to fight the russian invaders and save the lives of the Ukrainian defenders.

Ukrainian Paramedic holding a Saros 300 Oxygen Generator System provided by the Ukrainian World Congress’s initiative Unite with Ukraine

$10,000 was donated to our steadfast partners at the Ukrainian World Congress’s initiative Unite with Ukraine. These funds will be used to procure Saros 3000 Portable Field Oxygen Generator Systems used by the Ukrainian paramedics to save the lives of the wounded defenders. It is a crucial tool for combat medics in providing essential medical care to injured soldiers. Here's how combat medics use them and why they are advantageous:

Emergency Oxygen Supply: In combat situations, injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Having a portable oxygen generator allows combat medics to quickly administer oxygen to soldiers who may be suffering from respiratory distress due to injuries such as lung trauma, smoke inhalation, or shock.

Mobility: The portability of the Saros 300 system is one of its key advantages. Combat medics often operate in dynamic and unpredictable environments where mobility is critical. This system allows them to move swiftly and provide medical care wherever it's needed without being tethered to a stationary oxygen supply.

Self-Sustaining: The Saros 300 is capable of generating oxygen on-site, eliminating the need for external oxygen tanks or supply lines. This self-sustaining feature is invaluable in remote or austere environments where access to medical resources may be limited or non-existent. Combat medics can rely on this system to provide a steady and uninterrupted supply of oxygen to patients during critical moments.

Durability: Combat zones can be harsh and unpredictable, subjecting equipment to rugged conditions. The Saros 300 is designed to withstand such environments, with durable construction that can endure rough handling, extreme temperatures, and other challenges commonly encountered in combat zones. This durability ensures that the system remains operational when needed most.

Ease of Use: In high-stress situations, simplicity and ease of use are essential. The Saros 300 is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, allowing combat medics to quickly set up and operate the system without extensive training or technical expertise. This simplicity enables medics to focus on patient care rather than grappling with complex equipment.

$4500 was donated directly to the defenders from the 3rd Assault Brigade. For the last few weeks, the brigade has been fighting for Ukraine in the Avdiivka direction, one of the most hostile places on Earth right now. They need everything right now, especially drones and tactical medical equipment. Saint Javelin is proud to support the bravest!

We’re grateful to each of you for continuing to support what we do and stand with Ukraine. If you want to make an impact in Ukraine, please donate. If you want to support Ukraine’s economy and get high-quality clothing, shop here.


  • lizzie lush

    Thank You All for everything you all do xxxx You deserve everything you need and more xxx #SLAVAUKRAINI STILL sacrificing and fighting for all our tomorrows to be safe and free xxxx respect, honour, gratitude and love always xxx #HEROYAMSLAVA

  • Paul Jessop

    Congratulations guys on your fantastic achievement! We have been doing our bit sending over a generator, medical supplies and nonperishable food, together we can support and win! Paul and AJ, UK XXXX

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