The Situation in Kharkiv

Depending on your location, your local media might have varied in its coverage of russia's actions in Kharkiv over the past two weeks. On May 20, 2024, russian troops attempted to push through the border into the Kharkiv region. Unable to advance beyond a few villages, they escalated their attacks on the civilian population and infrastructure. On May 16, Russian forces approached the frontline town of Vovchansk (60 km/37 miles from Kharkiv), seized several properties on the outskirts of the town, and captured and executed civilians. 

While the Ukrainian Armed Forces are bravely resisting these brutal occupying forces, the Russians are attempting to destroy the city of Kharkiv from a distance using missiles and guided aerial bombs. Today, they targeted one of the largest printing factories in the city and Ukraine, destroying thousands of freshly printed books and killing and injuring workers. This was the factory where we had considered printing our SAINTS book.

In response to these attacks, Ukrainians are doing everything they can to support local businesses in Kharkiv, which continue to operate, providing services and jobs and keeping the city liveable despite constant Russian attacks and energy blackouts.

We continue to work closely with a manufacturer in Kharkiv who, so far, has no plans to cease operations. In fact, the production orders we have placed, thanks to your support, have allowed them to continue working these past few months. Before we opened the MUGA hat pre-order, we developed a new line of high-quality hats and caps in Kharkiv, which we will be launching next week. 
Every hat purchased will help us continue supporting our partners in Kharkiv and also donate to our steadfast partners at the Unite with Ukraine initiative by the Ukrainian World Congress, which provides tactical medical equipment to Ukrainian defenders.
For reliable news and information about the situation in Kharkiv and Ukraine, visit the Kyiv Independent.

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