About Us

Saint Javelin was started on Feb 16th by former journalist Christian Borys to help raise funds to support Ukrainians just as the humanitarian crisis began. Concerned about the escalation at the Ukrainian Russian border and with family and friends in harms way, Christian wanted to help fundraise to support them.

Christian has very strong ties and ancestral roots to Ukraine and Poland and spent 5 years working as a journalist based in Kyiv with BBC, VICE News, CBC, and others.

From an initial goal of $500, Saint Javelin has surpassed $1M in contributions from our sales, and we have no plans to stop our work.

We now have a new mission statement.

We are in business to re-build Ukraine. 

To learn more about our group or Saint Javelin, please reach out at media@saintjavelin.com.

For customer service inquiries please contact info.saintjavelin@gmail.com